It can be daunting trying to find the right painter for your job. How will you know who to trust and how do you know if they’re a professional painter, or just a ‘jack-of-all-trades’?

Where Should I Start?

A good starting point is to find a local Registered Painter, like Seascapes Painting.

A painter performing work more than $1000 in value is required by law to be registered under regulations set by the building commission. These laws are there to protect the consumer from unscrupulous people performing poorly prepared and unsatisfactory work, which can often result in costly rectification.

What Should I Look For?

To be considered for registration, a painter must have;

  • At least a minimum 5 years painting experience or ideally have completed a trade certificate
  • Be able to prove a high level of competency in technical skill, product and specification knowledge, and business acumen
  • Provide a regular police clearance

By choosing a registered painter, you get the peace of mind knowing that these checks have already been ticked off, so you can concentrate on the fun bit – choosing your colours!

Peace of Mind

It’s also valuable to know that only a registered painter can be properly insured to protect your property against damages should an accident happen. So whilst it may be tempting to use an unregistered painter to save a few dollars, the cost to repair poor paintwork or remove paint from carpet, brickwork or your furniture, will always exceed your initial savings. Besides, you are painting your home to make it look great, not worse.

By choosing a local registered painter, you are ensuring the paint job you receive is of a high standard and you will have the peace of mind knowing that the workmanship is guaranteed.

Finding a registered painter in Mandurah is easy. You can call us, Seascapes Painting, on 0431 377 765, or you can visit the Building Commission website.