One of the biggest “hot potatoes” for painting in Western Australia is how to paint white set plaster walls. Up until recently It has always been difficult to get an official ruling on the most correct method of painting one of the building industry’s most contentious surfaces. Recently the Master Builders Association in association with the major paint manufacturers conducted a review on the best trade practices to ensure than when it comes to painting fresh white set plaster walls you are doing so with a system that will not peel or deteriorate in the future.

How Is Paintwork Effected

Basically when it comes to white set plaster there are several factors that can have a detrimental effect to your paintwork if you’re not careful with your preparation.

The main issues that you need to look for to achieve the best results are:

  • Residual moisture
  • Residual alkalinity
  • Residual efflorescence
  • Plaster drumminess
  • Plaster incoherence and softness
  • Plaster powderiness
  • An overall assessment of surface soundness

Seascapes Can Help

If you are looking at painting your own plaster walls but are unsure about the correct preparation required to ensure you won’t have future issues, Seascapes Painting Mandurah can provide a service where we will test, seal, patch and sand your walls leaving you with a perfect surface for you to paint your finish coats. For more information about this service or any other painting questions please give us a call. If you would like to read the official MPA findings you can find it at this link.